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ColourExpress – Experience Colour.

Tinting service

The brand, ColourExpress, is the tinting service from Caparol. The over 3,000 Capatint and Capalac systems installed throughout the world have a data set of more than five million colours. All colour shades can be mixed locally in a very short time using the latest computer and system techniques.

Individual colour shade requirements are made up as a recipe on the ColourExpress stations and saved so that the colour shade can be resupplied at any time.

The carefully matched ColourExpress components facilitate an extremely wide variety in application. No matter whether facade paints, interior paints, exterior plasters, floor coatings, concrete coatings, varnishes or glazes are needed: A tailor-made tinting solution is available for any field of application. With the well-developed ColourExpress system technology the most comprehensive range of products in the field is quickly available in attractive colours.

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