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Pure acrylic based clear coat for CapaStone systems with Nano Quartz Matrix Technology

NanoClear is a premium quality pure acrylic combined with Nano polymer water based paint to be used over CapaStone Paint system as a protective top coat. NanoClear is UV resistant, hydrophobic, weatherproof, and hard coating with low soiling tendency


  • Water based coating with specially modified pure acrylic binder.
  • Enriched with a Nano polymer. Specialized for application over CapaStone. 
  • UV resistant, hydrophobic, weatherproof & hard coating with a low soiling tendency.

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Nano Quartz Matrix Technology

One of the technological advancements of Caparol is the new Nano-Quartz Matrix Technology.

This is present in CapaStone NanoClear & ensures

  • Hard surface that prevents the adhesion of all types of particles leaving a clean finish that endures. 
  • Protection against the climate. 
  • Durable finish that is both reliable & high impact.
  • High performance durability. 
  • Substrate protection against exterior conditions.
  • Enduring beauty as dirt & dust will not adhere.
  • Keeping the maintenance to a minimum while enhancing the building’s appeal.
  • UV protected surface that will maintain a clean aesthetic appeal.

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