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CapaCare AirPurify

Can Beautiful Paint Protect Your Family?

Yes. Introducing CapaCare AirPurify; The only paint range that improves hygiene and reduce harmful formaldehyde emissions.

CapaCare - Colours that Care

CapaCare, a range of paints that uses only the healthiest and most environmentally friendly technology to ensure the highest standards of quality living. CapaCare comes in a vast range of colours, is completely odourless, durable and safe to breathe. Setting gold standards in Eco-friendly interiors, CapaCare redefines decorating with colours that truly care. CapaCare will give your walls the perfect finish while protecting your family’s health. CapaCare comes in a versatile range and is available in various gloss levels to fulfill every painting need while you decorate your home.

To the product

CapaCare AirPurify with FCT

CapaCare AirPurify, a revolutionary paint fortified with Formaldehyde Conversion Technology. This breakthrough product redefines the standards of indoor living. The unique technology behind CapaCare AirPurify helps convert toxic Formaldehyde emissions into harmless water vapour ensuring that indoor air is fresh and safe to breathe. This product has significant long term health benefits for you and your family.

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