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3D System PLUS

The collection for interiors and facades

The 3D-System PLUS colour fan combines all of our colour collections for the design of interiors and facades. Developed specifically for architectural design, the fan contains over 1,360 colours, sorted according to LCH - including also strongly veiled colours from all colour ranges and many brightness levels:

  • 1 Indeko-plus white
  • 18 white nuances
  • 6 off-whites with the highest lightness value
  • 48 grey tints in four grey scales
  • 1.218colours in 45 colour families
  • 66 enamel colours
  • 12 Metallocryl-colours

The user-friendly fan arrangement ensures an easy, quick and targeted colour selection: Each colour family is arranged dark at the bottom and bright at the top as well as uncoloured at the front and coloured at the back.

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